During opening hours a subset of books is available for borrowing. You can check in the catalogue (FB10 library) if a book is available for borrowing (ausleihbar).

The loan period is generally four weeks.

Book requests

If you have suggestions for new books, please contact Martin Paul:

Martin Paul
Phone: +49 251 83-33785

Databases and delivery services

Münster’s university and federal state library (ULB) provides an excellent overview of delivery services - not neccessarily related to Mathematics or Computer Science.

More useful services

National literature supply using special collection libraries, central special libraries and specialised libraries. (WTF)

subito is the document delivery service of international libraries. It is fast and straightforward. To support lending of books, the service delivers copies of journal articles and parts of books.

This lending and express delivery service started 1995 at SUB Göttingen. It provides a fast and straightforward access to the library in Göttingen for national and international users.

Virtual Mathematics library
This central portal for book research regarding mathematical information provides a unified interface for conventional and electronic media queries. It is an approach to switch from print-based media to a mixed library with printed and digital information.