Welcome to the DFG Research Training Group EvoPAD at the University of Münster!

The DFG-funded Research Training group 2220 on "Evolutionary Processes in Adaptation and Disease" will integrate biological, medical, and philosophical research at the University of Münster with the core idea to use the theory of evolution to understand processes leading to adaptation and/or disease. The programme started in April 2017.

26-27 November 2018

Women in Science Network Conference Münster 2018

Decision Making in Infection and Immunity
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EvoPAD is partner of the Women in Science Network Conference Münster 2018. The WiS Network conference will include keynote presentations, scientific talks, poster presentations, and networking receptions with refreshments including a speed-dating. This meeting will be an opportunity for all people interested in gender diversity and at all stages of their career to participate and share their science and personal career experience in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Registration is open until 14 November 2018.