What is the IJD?
The IJD is an institute within the Protestant Theology faculty at Universität Münster with a research concentration on ancient Judaism and Christian-Jewish relations.

Brochure of the Institute

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Can I study Jewish Studies at the IJD?
The IJD regularly offers courses on a variety of topics within Judaism. Jewish Studies courses exist within the courses of study offered through the Protestant Theology faculty and also in the Master’s Degree Program in Ancient Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean. The IJD also facilitates doctoral studies in topics related to Judaism, especially ancient Judaism. From winter semester 2018/19 onward, the IJD will take part in delivering a Bachelor’s Degree in Jewish Studies (hosted at FB09).

Does the IJD also emphasize the study of Contemporary Judaism?
The IJD offers, partly in collaboration with other units, also courses that relate to contemporary Judaism and particularly to Jewish-Christian relations. In addition, the IJD offers guided excursions to synagogues and other sites of Jewish culture and memory, and also regularly offers language courses in Modern Hebrew. One can also find current editions of Jewish newspapers at the Institute.

What other services does the IJD provide?
The IJD also houses a well-stocked library with an extensive collection of works on Jewish literature and history, and on past and present Jewish-Christian relations. The Institute’s library maintains a quiet working atmosphere for concentrated study.

Where is the IJD?
The IJD is located in Münster’s city center (Innenstadt) and is easily accessible using public transportation or by car. The nearest parking is just across the street at the Schlossplatz.

When is the IJD open?
During the semester the Institute’s hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 9:00–12:30, and Monday – Thursday, 14:00–16:15 (2:00–4:15 PM). Between semesters the Institute is open Monday – Friday, 9:00–12:30.