2023 - 2026


The aim of the DIGIBO Best! project is to develop a digital tool to optimise career guidance in schools.
To this end, in collaboration with 20 secondary schools in North Rhine-Westphalia, school-specific career guidance is initially visualised for seven development-critical areas. Based on the status quo, potentials for the next development steps and specific materials will be made available. The finished tool and the accompanying materials are to be made available to all schools in North Rhine-Westphalia in the future.

2023 - 2026
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Teacher cooperation in the context of digital school development

The project "Teacher cooperation in the context of digital school development" (KoKon) focuses on interlinking digital teaching development and digital school development. DigCompEdu serves as the reference framework, allowing individual fields of action and measures of digital school development to be localised. Within the project, two dimensions are dealt with centrally: "staff and teaching development" and "organisational development and digital management." The UnterrichtOnline.org platform will be used for concrete implementation, which enables interactive and collaborative work with representations of lessons, for example, via videos.

2023 - 2026

COVID-related limitations in practical training of trainees in the nursing profession

Due to numerous factors, the nursing sector faced various challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The practice instructors, who play a central role in practical nursing training, were particularly challenged. The LimCare project uses a mixed-methods approach to analyse the effects of COVID-related restrictions on current practical nursing training. One of the aims is to develop a customised (online) training course in the form of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for practice instructors.


Inspiring young academics from the teaching-profession

Attracting young academics from teacher training programmes harbours great potential for educational research. In their professional activities, teachers act directly at the interface between educational science, subject didactics, and educational psychology research. This enables them to actively moderate and promote the dissemination and implementation processes of scientific findings in the multi-level school system. The aim of the WiNaLehramt research project is not only to arouse the interest of (prospective) teachers in research and further academic qualification, but also to promote and facilitate the transition to a doctorate and networking among peers.

2021 - 2024

Teacher training in the federal states: Competences and minimum requirements in the context of the nursing profession

The amendment of the Nursing Professions Act (PflBG) has created a dynamic the field of nursing education degree programmes to meet the new demand for teachers. For the first time, the PflBG provides for a master's degree for teacher training in nursing. Due to this defined qualification level, new study programmes are being created, which are being analysed by category in the PfleBuKoM project in order to derive evidence-based recommendations.