Picture of the institute building
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Welcome to EIMI!

Our interdisciplinary team develops imaging methods allowing to visualize molecular processes inside organisms, tissues and cells. With the help of imaging we study vascular, inflammatory, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer but also the development of blood and lymphatic vessels.

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Our institute has moved!

As of March 2023, our institute is located in the Multiscale Imaging Centre (MIC) in Münster. Here, working groups from our university bring together a wide range of state-of-the-art imaging techniques to investigate biomedical questions. EIMI director Prof. Michael Schäfers is the spokesperson for MIC. A photo gallery shows how our imaging devices were transported to the new labs!

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Podcast: Michael Schäfers on interdisciplinary collaboration in science

Science needs specialised researchers. For many research questions, however, cooperation with colleagues from other disciplines is just as important. Using the example of the Collaborative Research Centre “inSight” Prof Michael Schäfers, a specialist in nuclear medicine, provides insight into research practice in the field of inflammation and imaging. He also talks about “network life” and explains, for example, how a grant application for a research network is created and what role junior scientists play. The podcast is available in German.