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Welcome to EIMI!

Our interdisciplinary team develops imaging methods allowing to visualize molecular processes inside organisms, tissues and cells. With the help of imaging we study vascular, inflammatory, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer but also the development of blood and lymphatic vessels.

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New Collaborative Research Centre: insight into inflammation through “multiscale imaging”

The new Collaborative Research Center "inSight" at Münster University receives funding from the German Research Foundation amounting to approximately ten million euros. The researchers aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the body regulates inflammation in different organs and, to this end, develop a specific imaging methodology. The team of our institute is substantially involved in the project. Prof. Michael Schäfers is the spokesperson for the network, Prof. Friedemann Kiefer is his deputy.


Video: Junior scientist Cristina Barca provides an insight into her research

In a new video series the University of Münster introduces junior researchers. The first one is Cristina Barca, a PhD student at our institute: Using biomedical imaging, she is investigating how well certain drugs work in treating strokes. In the video she provides an insight into her everyday working life and explains what is so special about being a scientist.