John von Neumann–Lecture

The John von Neumann–Lecture is held in honor of John von Neumann, a scientist who symbolizes interaction between many fields of mathematics and applications. He gave major contributions to research fields as diverse as functional analysis, quantum mechanics, ergodic theory, operator algebras, geometry, topology, numerical analysis, game theory, and linear programming.

The lecture is held each term by a distinguished mathematician or scientist from a related field. Afterwards there is a get-together by courtesy of the Mathematical Institutes.

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Datum     Sprecher EinrichtungTitel
14.11.201916. John von Neumann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Wendelin Werner ETH Zurich From Brownian loops to fields
18.04.201915. John von Neumann-Lecture: Prof. Dr. Yves Benoist Université Paris-Sud Arithmeticity of discrete groups
18.10.201814. John von Neumann-Lecture by Prof. Dr. Alessio Figalli ETH Zürich Regularity of interfaces in phase transitions via obstacle problems
21.06.201813. John von Neumann-Lecture: Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Breuillard Cambridge Approximate groups, incidence geometry and model theory
11.01.201812. John von Neumann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Camillo De Lellis Universität Zürich The Onsager's Theorem and beyond
04.05.201711. John-von-Neumann-Lecture: Prof. Dr. Sorin Popa University of California, Los Angeles Structure and randomness in von Neumann algebras
03.11.201610. John von Neumann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Endre Süli University of Oxford Navier-Stokes-Fokker-Planck Systems: Modelling, Analysis, Approximation, Computation
16.06.20169. John von Neumann Lecture: Günter M. Ziegler FU Berlin Geometry vs. Topology: On 4-Polytopes and 3-Spheres
24.10.2015Gauss-Lecture of the DMV: Baroness Prof. Ingrid Daubechies Durham University Mathematics Helping Art Conservation
25.06.20158. John von Neumann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Eli Glasner Tel Aviv University Kazhdan's Property T and the Geometry of the Collection of Invariant Measures
13.11.20147. John von Neumann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Sylvia Serfaty Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6, Courant Institute, New York Questions of crystallization in systems with Coulomb and Riesz interactions
30.04.20146. John von Neumann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Persi Diaconis Stanford University Adding numbers and shuffling cards
12.12.20135. John von Neumann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Simon Brendle Stanford University Minimalflächen in der 3-Sphaere und die Lawson-Vermutung
20.06.20134. John von Neumann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Zlil Sela Hebrew University of JerusalemLow dimensional topology and the elementary theory of group,
22.11.20123. John von Neumann Lecture: Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller MPI Bonn The Mathematics of Packing, Crumbling and Folding
05.07.20122. John von Neumann Lecture: Don Zagier MPI Bonn Between number theory, topology, and quantum field theory
15.12.20111. John von Neumann Lecture: Gerhard Huisken MPI für Gravitationsphysik, Golm Heat Diffustion and Geometry