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The Center for Nonlinear Science (CeNoS) is a central scientific institution of the University of Münster and consists of the working groups involved, which currently belong to five different departments. Any working group or scientist of the University of Münster who is interested in the subject may become a member. The CeNoS sees itself as a hub for basic research and teaching on issues relating to nonlinear systems and for the application of the results in various areas. In addition, the CeNoS serves as a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue between scientists from various scientific disciplines.


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Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are now playing a role in many areas of science, from astronomy to psychiatry. The interdisciplinary lecture is intended to serve as a first introduction to the methods of machine learning and their application in science.

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The aim of the project "Interdisciplinary teaching program on machine learning - InterKI" is the development and testing of a graded university-wide course on machine learning and AI with basic, advanced and advanced modules. AI is taught as an interdisciplinary cross-sectional topic that is of fundamental importance for applications in business and administration as well as in basic research. The teaching program is intended to enable students to build up AI knowledge, apply it independently and transfer it to various areas of application in order to be optimally prepared for work as an AI specialist. The Center for Nonlinear Science (CeNoS) of Münster University coordinates the implementation of the project, in which the departments of mathematics and computer science, physics, chemistry and pharmacy, medicine, sports science and psychology are involved.

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