The Interdisciplinary Teaching Program on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Münster University, InterKI, is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the funding initiative "Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education". It pursues the goal of establishing a graduated university-wide teaching program on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Further information about the project, its modular structure and the persons and institutions involved can be found here.

Teaching Program

The InterKI teaching program includes introductory and advanced lectures, seminars and self-study courses on ML and AI methods as well as courses on their application in current fields of research and on various AI-related issues that are philosophically and societally relevant.

On our teaching and learning platform you will find information on the individual courses as well as a variety of materials for self-study. The offerings will be continuously expanded and updated during the project period.


From project information to workshops and public lectures: Beyond the teaching program, InterKI also organizes a number of events for various audiences that revolve around the topic of AI. Here you can get an overview of upcoming and past events.

Research in InterKI

In addition to the development of new courses and learning materials, InterKI is also tied to various research projects that either apply AI methods or eingage in research on the further advancement of AI.  Here you can get an overview of the individual research projects.

Our InterKI mailing list

You can stay up to date on our project's activities and other events related to AI at Münster University by becoming a member of our InterKI mailing list. To subscribe or unsubscribe, just send a short mail to: