AI in the Societal Context

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AI and Sustainability

Sustainability considerations are becoming increasingly important in individual and political decision-making processes. AI plays a remarkable dual role in terms of sustainability: while on the one hand the energy consumption of extensive AI alogorithm use is enormous, on the other hand AI methods can contribute to efficiency and resource preservation.  The sub-module  "AI and sustainability" addresses the sustainability perspective on AI.

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AI and Philosophy

Numerous ethical questions associated with the use of AI, as well as the controversy about the attribution of intelligence and consciousness, have meanwhile entered the public discourse. At the same time, significant problems in the philosophy of science are emerging in the shadow of media interest. The sub-module  "AI and Philosophy" offers you the opportunity to engange with a whole range of ethical and philosophy of science issues.

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AI and Teacher Education

AI has become an integral part of pupils' lives. At the same time, AI skills are becoming increasingly important on the job market. Against this background, prospective teachers learn in the sub-module  "AI in teacher education" how to integrate AI methods into the classroom.

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AI and Start-ups

Are you interested in starting a business from science? Perhaps you already have a start-up idea in mind? Then you will find the right support in the form of coaching, tutorials and infrastructure from our colleagues at the REACH Euregio Start-up Center in the sub-module  "AI and Start-ups".