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A.5.6 CV & Cover letter - How to apply in English (8 stamps)

Do you plan to do an internship abroad or to work abroad permanently? In English-speaking countries, various aspects of CVs and cover letters are different from how they are written and arranged in Germany. In this workshop, you will learn about different variations of cover letters and CVs in English, depending on your country of choice. Which documents and information are required? What should you focus on? During the workshop, please feel free to ask any questions you have about the topic, such as how to find interesting job offers, how to prepare for an interview, or any other aspects that might be relevant to you. You are very welcome to bring your own English CV and cover letter to the classroom. The language of this workshop is English.

Who can take part?

All those who are currently studying or doing their doctorate at the University of Münster or who passed their final examinations at the University of Münster during the past year.


Leistungspunkte in den Allgemeinen Studien

Wann findet die Veranstaltung statt?

  • Donnerstag, 07.11.2019, 10:15 – 16:45 Uhr  


Careers Service
Schlossplatz 3
Seminar room 1


Ruth Nolden, M.A.
Careers Service staff member

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