The Orient-Institute Istanbul, part of the Max Weber Foundation, is responsible for on-site project management, liaison with Turkish libraries, institutions and researchers. Furthermore, in co-operation with, the Orient-Institute Istanbul is responsible for overall technical supervision of the CMO edition. Other core tasks are the continuous literature research, acquisition of digital copies of further manuscript sources, as well as searching for unknown sources written in Hampartsum notation. 

These tasks are taken under the acting-direction of Dr. Richard Wittmann by Dr. Nihan Tahtaişleyen, Dr. William Sumits and Salih Demirtaş.

The co-operation with includes the supervision of the online publication of the edition, construction and maintenance of the web portal and digital infrastructure, open-access provision for the edition and the CMO catalogues of printed and manuscript music sources, and print-on-demand publication.

Orient-Institute additionally supports the research associates in Münster regarding issues that require access to the original manuscript sources.