Application for admission to the doctoral programme

For international applicants seeking admission to our doctoral programme, we recommend sending copies of all required application documents to the Doctoral Examinations Office before departure in order to ascertain whether all admission requirements have been met. This will prevent unnecessary delays and ensure that you will be able to enrol at the University of Münster after being granted admission to the programme by the Faculty of Biology.

Registration of the dissertation project

To register your doctoral project (dissertation), you must first obtain consent from your future doctoral supervisor. He or she must belong to the group of professors or members of staff with post-doctoral qualification (habilitation) and is appointed to the doctoral committee with two other members (who must also belong to the abovementioned group). For more details, see § 5 “Doctoral Committee” in the Doctoral Examination Regulations of 30 October 2019. Candidates must register within the first six months after commencing their dissertation.
Also within six months of commencing the dissertation, the doctoral candidate and his/her supervisor must sign and submit the doctoral supervision agreement in the corresponding structured doctoral programme (SDP).
The following documents are required for admission to the doctoral programme in the Faculty of Biology:

other required documents: