LUT MISSINE has been professor of Dutch literary studies at the WWU Münster since 1999. Her fields of research include 20th- and 21st-century Dutch and Flemish literature, autobiography and autofiction, travel literature, as well as the history of poetry and literature, translation studies, and the cultural exchange between the Netherlands, Flanders, and Germany.

KATJA SARKOWSKY has been professor of American studies at the WWU Münster since 2013. Her fields of research include American and Canadian ethnic literature and cultural studies, cultural theory, migration literature, and the study of autobiography, as well as the overlap between literary and cultural studies and the social sciences.

MARTINA WAGNER-EGELHAAF has been professor of Modern German literature, with special emphasis on contemporary literature and literature of the Modern era, at the WWU since 1998. Her fields of research include German literature from the 18th to the 21st centuries, literary theory and the study of literature in general, rhetoric, autobiography and autofiction studies, as well as the relationship between literature, religion, and politics.