The collection

In addition to Greek and Roman artefacts, which are the main focus of the collection, the collection also includes artefacts from early European and Asia Minor cultures as well as neighbouring cultural areas. Chronologically, the spectrum ranges from the 8th millennium BC to the High Middle Ages.
Through the acquisition of the Rubensohn Collection, the Peek Collection and the endowment of the Görtz-Strötgen Collection as well as numerous loans - including from the Verein für Geschichte und Altertumskunde Westfalens, Abt. Paderborn, the city of Gelsenkirchen and Grevenbroich - the collection of the WWU Archaeological Museum contains a total of more than 11,200 objects. Among them are about 3,000 artefacts (excluding about 5,000 ceramic fragments), about 7,800 coins, about 400 casts of ancient sculptures and 20 models of ancient sites and sanctuaries.