Coins and Galvanos

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The museum has an extensive collection of ancient coins with about 7,800 specimens. The coins from the Apostolo Zeno and Theobald Bieder collections, which were acquired through the mediation of Prof. Dr. Peter Berghaus, form the basis of the collection. In addition, more than 200 silver and 1,551 bronze coins have recently been acquired from private collections in Westphalia.


The museum is breaking new ground in the presentation of its coins. Since July 2007, selected coins have been displayed in showcases in the newly designed entrance area. In addition to the two chronologically arranged display cases, which provide a general overview of Greek and Roman coinage, thematically oriented display cases convey special aspects such as the "Beginnings of Greek Coinage" or "Religion and Politics". The coins in the display case on Alexandria Troas, for example, document both the exciting founding myth of the city and the museum's close and friendly relationship with the Asia Minor Research Centre.


The study of coins (numismatics) is an integral part of teaching. In seminars and exercises, students learn how to handle and identify ancient coins. It is expected that numerous smaller and larger exhibition projects will result from this work.