The Collection of Casts of Ancient Sculptures

© Archäologisches Museum Münster/Lianna Hecht

Since the 19th century, casts of ancient statues, portraits and reliefs have been an indispensable part of archaeological research and teaching. No other medium is able to convey the original sculptures in a similarly objective three-dimensional way. Visitors to the museum thus have the opportunity to view the most important works of ancient sculptors at close quarters.
The collection of plaster casts of antique sculptures currently comprises about 430 exhibits with a constantly growing stock. A large part of the collection is housed in a specially rented hall in the industrial area "Am Nienkamp". In addition, numerous exhibits can be viewed in the permanent exhibition. Thus, visitors to the EMU Archaeological Museum do not have to travel to Malibu specifically to view the famous Heracles "Lansdowne".