TRR 170 - cycling team "mineralogie.planetologie" succesful at Giro

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The TRR 170 - cycling team "mineralogie.planetologie" made an amazing first place in the (inofficial) category "unshaven geoscientists, age group over 30 but under 46" in the Münsterland Giro. Congratulations :-)

Heitfeld Prize 2017 for Dr. Rebecca Bast, Dr. Tobias Grützner and Simone Gerber

© WWU/P. Leßmann (v.l.: Dekan Prof. Dr. Harald Strauß, Dr. Rebecca Bast, Dr. Tobias Grützner, Simone Gerber, Prof. Ralf Thomas Becker und Rektor Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels)

The Institute of Geology and Paleontology has honered three graduates with the Heitfeld Prize of the "Hildegard und Karl-Heinrich Heitfeld Stiftung". Two of them are from the Institute of Mineralogy, Dr. Rebecca Bast and Dr. Tobias Grützner, they have each received a 1,000 Euro Prize for their dissertations.

  • Rebecca Bast investigated in her dissertaion why different decay systems for meteorites yield contradictory age indications. She found out that terrestrial weathering and contamination could have altered the age information stored in the samples.
  • In his doctoral thesis, Tobias Grützner investigated the incorporation of fluorine into the minerals olivine, wadsleyite and clinohumite found in the earth's mantle. The results of his work support an understanding of the fluorcircuit in the earth's interior, thus providing another possibility for the investigation of fluorine-rich volcanism.
The Dean of the Faculty of Geosciences, Prof. Dr. Harald Strauß, handed over the awards on Thursday 20. July. Congratulations

New Master Course in Geosciences

© Institut für Mineralogie

The Master degree in Geosciences was re-accredited in winter semester 2016/17. In the course of the reaccreditation, some structural changes were made. It is now possible to study the Master degree with a focus on one of the seven main courses. Further information can be found here.