FAQs about Vocational Training Day

What is Vocational Training Day at the University of Münster?
Vocational Training Day is targeted at pupils (8th grade and higher) from all types of secondary schools, along with their parents and teachers. The event provides an overview of the diverse vocational training opportunities available at one of the largest universities in Germany.

What can I expect to see there?
You will find info stands, highlighting 13 of the 18 different vocational training programmes at the University of Münster. You will be able to participate in workshop and laboratory tours, as well as presentations on vocational training, choosing a profession and parental influence on decisions regarding one's professional ambitions. If you wish, you can participate in a contest for exciting prizes by becoming a "vocational researcher".

When does Vocational Training Day begin and how long does it last?
Vocational Training Day will take place on 2 September 2018 between 11 am and 3 pm, during which time you will be able to gain extensive information about the University's vocational training programmes.

Where does the event take place?
All of the programme events are staged in and around the Natural Science Centre at Wilhelm-Klemm-Str. 10, 48149 Münster.

Why do you offer a Vocational Training Day?
We find that most pupils – and the public, for that matter – do not realise that the University of Münster offers a wide range of high-quality vocational training programmes. We would like to provide an overview of the multifaceted professional profiles and training programmes available at the University and help pupils choose an occupation which is right for them.

Is there any way to get to know my future trainers?
The goal of Vocational Training Day is to introduce you, your parents and interested teachers to the occupational areas of the University of Münster. That means that you definitely have the chance to personally speak with the trainers and our current trainees. In other words, all of the information is available first-hand!

How old must I be to attend Vocational Training Day?
Vocational Training Day is open to all 8th grade pupils and higher from all types of secondary schools.

What occupations will be presented?
Vocational Training Day provides visitors with an intensive introduction to 13 of the total 18 occupations for which training is offered by the University of Münster. You will also find general information about the other occupational fields.

Is there a possibility to learn more about these occupations before the event?
Yes, of course! You can already start gathering information about specific occupations from the University's vocational training webpages, test your own skills and try some typical working operations yourself. Workshop and laboratory tours also offer a close-up view of the vocational training environment.