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Seminar at the Department of History in the winter semester 2021/22
Wilhelm II - an (un)worthy namesake? A history journalism project in cooperation with Radio Q

Dr. Lena Krull

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Comment in the course catalog: Whether streets, monuments or universities: Many places and buildings in public space commemorate and honour certain historical persons. This naming practice becomes the subject of public debate especially when social values change. This has recently become particularly obvious in the context of the monument debates and overthrows in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement. On a local scale, in 2012 there was a dispute in Münster over the name of the current Schlossplatz and former Hindenburgplatz. The naming of the WWU after Kaiser Wilhelm II has also been the subject of repeated controversy in recent years - not least in the context of higher education policy. Recently, a critical reappraisal has also been taking place within the framework of the project "Zur Sache WWU".

The aim of the course is to discuss naming and renaming practices and remembrance in public space, taking the example of the WWU and Wilhelm II, and to underpin this discussion historically. As part of a cooperation with Radio Q, a radio programme for the format "Q History" will be developed within the seminar. The course thus offers an introduction to historical journalism and the production of audio contributions.