Der beste Werbeprospekt der Welt: Yellow Submarine als kostenfreies iBook

Das kostenfeie und exklusive iTunes-Buch umfasst Film, Musik-, Zeichentrickclips und vieles mehr. Ausserdem kann man (natürlich!) eine Auswahl der im Buch vorgestellten Songs und Filmmusiktitel laden…

Hierfür mache ich mich gerne zum Büttel eines globalen, profitorientierten Medienkonzerns mal ausnahmsweise Werbung: Yellow Submarine von den Beatles, eines der besten Musikalben und Musikfilme aller Zeiten (und geniale Inspirationsquelle meiner juvenilen Sturm- und Drangphase; verdammt lang her … ).

Ich möchte Ihnen auch nicht den umfassenden Review von SoftPedia vorenthalten:

The book’s release follows the recent first anniversary of The Beatles catalog’s exclusivity on the iTunes Store. The exclusive Beatles ‚Yellow Submarine‘ book “lets readers immerse themselves in the legendary film’s colorful sights and sounds is available for free download on Apple’s iBookstore worldwide starting today,” Apple Corps said. They’ve uploaded a video trailer for the book as well. The illustrated book was designed by Fiona Andreanelli using Heinz Edelmann’s original artwork from the film. As for the story itself, it has been adapted by Charlie Gardner from the film’s original screenplay. The underwater dreamland features animated illustrations, 14 full-color video clips from the original 1968 film, audio clips of classic Beatles hits and Sir George Martin’s original score, and even original dialogue from the film. Those of you too lazy to read the text yourselves can use the „read aloud“ feature which uses the voice of actor Dean Lennox Kelly as the narrator. The enhanced ‚Yellow Submarine‘ book also boasts interactive features. For example, you can “tap the story’s wild array of butterflies, starfish and sea monsters to make them come alive,” according to the description. Commenting on their new release, Apple Corps Ltd. said: “Inspired by The Beatles‘ song of the same name, ‚Yellow Submarine‘ dives 80,000 leagues beneath the sea to Pepperland, a musical paradise where Sergeant Pepper’s band plays on until the music-hating Blue Meanies invade, sealing the band inside a music-proof bubble and leaving it a silent wasteland.” “But Old Fred, captain of the Yellow Submarine, escapes to Liverpool and persuades Ringo – with a little help from his friends John, Paul and George – to join him on a magical adventure to return music and love to Pepperland,” said Apple Corps Ltd.

Sigh. Könnte das neue Lehrbuch der Biochmemie nicht auch so schräg bunt sein? Oder wenigstens der Zitronensäurezyklus lustig animiert?

Foto: Apple Inc.