Request for a smartcard logon certificate

If you want to use a certificate to use a smartcard or a cryptotoken to log on to a computer system or as an electronic key, then you need a special smartcard logon certificate. This is issued using a special certificate profile that cannot be selected on the request pages of the certification server and cannot be used for e-mail encryption.

In this case, please follow exactly the instructions for personal certificates or functionary certificates.

The recommended request method in this case is using a WWW browser. Please ensure that prior to generating the key pair the smartcard (or cryptotoken) is inserted and the corresponding drivers are installed. Then your browser will offer you to have the key pair generated by the smartcard. Please use this option, because a good smartcard is built in such a way that a private key generated in this way can never leave the smartcard.

When handing over the request form to the participant service staff member please tell him face-to-face that you request a smartcard logon certificate.