For a longer transition period, we (WWU IT + WWUCA + DFN-PKI) offer worldwide recognized digital IDs (certificates) from two different providers.

  • The already longer offered digital IDs with “Global” certificates are based on the “T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2” root certificate from T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH.
    This offer is expected to expire at the end of 2022 for server certificates and at the end of 2023 for other certificates.

  • The now also offered digital IDs with “TCS” certificates from the Trusted Certificate Service (TCS) of the pan-European research network GÉANT are based on the root certificates of Sectigo.

The digital IDs „TCS“ have three advantages: For many users, no new ID checks are necessary, there is no paperwork, and digital IDs from servers can be automatically renewed via ACME.

Request for a software developer certificate

If you want to use a certificate to electronically sign self-developed software (Microsoft Office macros, Java JARs), then you need a special code signing certificate. This is issued using a special certificate profile that cannot be selected in the WWU IT portal or on the request pages of the certification server.

  • For a “TCS” certificate please contact by signed email. You will then receive an invitation by email, which you can use to order the desired digital ID directly on Sectigo's certification server.

    Since the “TCS” code signing certificate is not issued to an individual or group, but to the university or arts academy as a whole, only employees with financial responsibility may request “TCS” code signing certificates.

  • For a “Global” certificate please follow exactly the instructions for personal “Global” certificates or group certificates or functionary certificates. When submitting the request form, please specifically indicate that you request a code signing certificate.

Further notes

In contrast to digital IDs for emails, you should not save backup copies of the digital ID:

  • Even after a long time, digital IDs for emails are still needed to decrypt encrypted emails.

  • Digital IDs for code signing, however, can be replaced by new digital IDs at any time because they are not used for encryption.