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Work package 8: Bringing policy innovations into German Politics

In work package 8, the results of the research project shall be used for the transfer into real politics. This - we call it - transfer catalysis seeks to apply impulses for political processes, which, in turn, implement measures for reducing the power consumption or introduce such processes. Therefore, various partners were included in the research project, from the very beginning. As soon as the scientific results are available, concrete strategies for implementation will be planned, by establishing a dialog with the stakeholders. The Wittenberg-Centre for Global Ethics e.V. (WZGE) has proven to be a vital partner for conducting this science-to-praxis transfer. The arrangement of the transfer catalysis will depend on the characteristics of those policy strategies considered as efficient. For this, various actors and partners are included. Big companies from the energy sector, consumer goods and finance enterprises, the political and administrative offices on European as well as on national level and NGOs are among the dialogue partners.

Coordination: Prof. Doris Fuchs, Ph.D. (Universität Münster)
Team: Dr. Kerstin Tews (FFU)
  Dipl.-Phys. Dipl.-Energiewirt Veit Bürger (Öko-Institut e.V.)
Contact: Doris Fuchs