Work package 1: Analysing electricity saving potentials

Work package 1 will compile and systemise the technical and economical electricity saving potentials for the various application fields of electronic appliances in private households. The different clusters (such as appliances for kitchen, for washing, for information and communication or entertainment electronics) are investigated separately, as to what savings potentials can be realized on both the supply and demand side. Supply-side measures, for example, are directed at setting higher appliance standards or improving the customer information. On the demand side, the buying and usage patterns shall be changed. From a household perspective, measures involving investments or behavioural change are differentiated. Based on the potential analysis and systematization, target behavioural patterns are deduced; these are subject to the integrated psychological action model in work package 4. Furthermore, the analysis will identify those electricity saving potentials, which, in terms of volume, barriers to improve on, and national policy design, imply the most relevant policy interventions. The outcome of the work package will thereby provide insight as to which fields of policy instruments should primarily be addressed, in order to maximize the effects of political governance trying to foster demand side electricity efficiency.

Coordination: Dipl.-Phys. Dipl.-Energiewirt Veit Bürger (Öko-Institut e.V.)
Team: Dr. Bettina Brohmann (Öko-Institut e.V.)
Contact: Veit Bürger