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Work package 6: Analysing effects of policy instruments abroad

Work package 6 combines and empirically deepens the results of work packages 4 and 5. This is done by analyzing policy instruments or policy combinations that have proven to be effective, throughout the previous analysis. The overriding ambition is to analyze the implementation of selected policy instruments in the respective country of origin and to define the sources of their success. For this, a qualitative research design will be chosen.
Based on work packages 4 and 5 three to four especially promising policy instruments or policy combinations of such are selected. The further procedure then depends on the hitherto implementation of the selected policy strategies in other countries. In order to analyze instruments or instrument combinations, which are used in several countries, there will be a comparative analysis of the transfer and success conditions in two or three chosen countries. Should the findings of the work packages however identify a particularly promising policy strategy, which has only been adopted in only one country, a single case study will be preferred.

Coordination: Prof. Doris Fuchs, Ph.D. (Universität Münster)
Team: Dr. Kerstin Tews (FFU)
  Dr. Harald Rohracher (Interuniversitäres Forschungszentrum für Technik, Arbeit und Kultur, IFZ Graz)
  Christian Dehmel, M.A. Soziologie (Universität Münster)
Contact:  Doris Fuchs