Oberseminar Topologie (SS 2020)

Termin: Mo, 14.30 s.t - 15.30 s.t.

The seminar will be held via zoom. If you are not a member of the topology group and wish to participate, write an e-mail to jens.reinhold@uni-muenster.de in order to receive the meeting ID.

The seminar is organised by Johannes Ebert.

Datum Vortragende(r) Titel
27.04.2020 Arthur Bartels
(WWU Münster)
K-theory of Hecke algebras and controlled topology.
04.05.2020 Michael Weiss
(WWU Münster)
Spaces of topological embeddings of manifolds.
11.05.2020 Thomas Nikolaus
(WWU Münster)
Characteristic polynomials and TR with coefficients.
18.05.2020 Achim Krause
(WWU Münster)
The Picard group in equivariant homotopy theory via stable module categories.
25.05.2020 Andrea Bianchi
(Universität Bonn)
Hurwitz spaces and Moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces.
01.06.2020 P F I N G S T F E R I E N
08.06.2020 Jan Steinebrunner
(University of Oxford, UK)
The classifying space of the one-dimensional bordism category and a cobordism model for TC.
15.06.2020 Dawid Kielak
(University of Oxford,UK)
29.06.2020 Lennart Meier
(University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Norms of real bordism and Eilenberg--MacLane spectra
06.07.2020 Mauricio Bustamante
(University of Cambridge, UK)
Diffeomorphisms of solid tori
13.07.2020 Giles Gardam
(WWU Münster)
Computing fibrings of 3-manifolds and free-by-cyclic groups