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Prof. Dr. Dejan Matić

Professor for General and Comparative Linguistics

Aegidiistraße 5
48143 Münster

Room 105
Phone: 0251/83-24494

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Katrin Tembrink

  • Lectures

    Summer semester 2021

    Number Type of lecture Title of lecture
    095340 colloquium Colloquium for Graduate Students
    095341 lecture Introduction to General Linguistics
    095342 seminar Clitics
    095343 seminar Implicatures
    095344 seminar Strukturkurs Ewenisch

    Winter semester 2020/2021

    Number Type of lecture Title of lecture
    093994 colloquium for PhD students Colloquium for Graduate Students
    093995 lecture Languages of the World
    093996 seminar Agreement
    093997 lecture Semantics

    Winter semester 2019/2020

    Number Type of lecture Title of lecture
    098812 colloquium for PhD students Doktorandenkolloquium
    098813 seminar Semantic Typology
    098814 seminar Strukturkurs Ewenisch
    098816 guest speaker Forschungsforum
    098815 Werkstatt des Promotionskollges Sprachwissenschaft

    Summer semester 2019

    Number Type of lecture Title of lecture
    096813 lecture Introduction to General Linguistics
    096814 colloquium for PhD students Doktorandenkolloquium
    096815 Werkstatt des Promotionskollegs Sprachwissenschaft
    096816 seminar Grammatical Relations

  • Professional career

    since 10/2017 Professor, General and Comparative Linguistics, University of Muenster
    2015–2017 Professor, Linguistics, University of Graz
    2014–2015 Professor (locum tenens), University of Dusseldorf
    2009–2014 Post-Doc, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
    2007–2009 Post-Doc, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
    2003–2005 Research Assistant, University of Cologne
    2003 Doctoral degree, University of Cologne

  • Research Focus

    • Information structure, discourse, pragmatics
    • Semantic and pragmatic typology
    • Linguistic theory
    • Language description and documentation
    • Indigenous languages of Siberia; Balkan languages; Latin and Ancient Greek

  • Publications


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