General Rules of Conduct for the Library of Sports and Exercise Sciences

We ask you to observe the following rules in order to make the use of the library as pleasant and effective as possible for everyone:

- Please leave jackets and bags at the coat rack or on the bag rack. Deposit lockers are of course also available.

- The consumption of food is prohibited in the library. Non-alcoholic beverages may be brought in firmly sealable containers.

- Mobile phones may only be used in the library in silent mode. Please leave the library rooms including the entrance area at the issue desk for phone calls.

- The use of inline skates is prohibited within the library.

- The library offers group and individual workstations. Please be considerate of other users in the quiet study area of the library and keep quiet.

- Please show laptop bags and folders when leaving the library. The library staff is authorised to check bags and folders.

- Please return media to the designated place on the shelves after use.

These rules are based on the  library regulations (only available in German) of the Institute of Sports and Exercise Sciences.

In addition, the  legal regulation of the University and State Library apply as well as the house rules of the University of Münster (only available in German).