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The loan period for borrowable media is 1 week at the Library of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Library users may borrow from our holdings during opening hours from monday to friday (except journals and other media from our non-lending collections). A valid library card issued by the University and State Library Münster (ULB) is needed to be eligible for borrowing.

Registering for a library card / Loan authorisation

The University and State Library Münster (ULB), the Medical Branch Library and the Social Sciences Branch Library are solely responsible for issuing new library cards as well as managing loan authorisations. Further information can be found on the ULB sites regarding borrowing

Borrowing and returning items

In general, the books in the library can be accessed freely. During opening hours library users can take books they intend to borrow and their WWU student ID/ULB library card to the issue desk at the entrance of the library. The loans will then be registered and users will get a receipt via email.

Borrowed books can be returned at the issue desk. The records of the borrowed books will be cleared from the user’s library account and a receipt regarding the transaction will be sent via email automatically.


The loan period of 1 week can be extended week by week up to a maximum loan period of 4 weeks by the library users from their personal library account in KatalogPlus as long as the books in question are not reserved by others. After the maximum loan period ends, users have the opportunity to borrow the items again by sending a request via email.

Reserving borrowed items

Borrowed books can be reserved through KatalogPlus by the users themselves. After the books have been returned they will be reserved for a maximum of five days and can be collected at the issue desk. As soon as a requested book is available, users will receive an arrival notice via email.


At the latest users will receive a notification 3 days prior to the end of the loan period. This notification will be automatically sent by the library management system via email. Regardless of the receipt of these notifications, library users are responsible for renewing and returning books on time and may be held accountable for failing to do so.

Overdues and penalties

After exceeding the loan period, the library management system will automatically and if necessary repeatedly send out recall notices via email. If this happens several times there will be temporary restrictions regarding borrowing from our library for the users in question.

Non-lending collections

- journals (shelf marks starting with “Z”)
- books that are essential for preparing for exams (“Modul-Literatur”, room 5)
- books from the course reserve collection (“Seminar-Apparate”, room 5)
- books from the shelves behind the circulation/information desk (room 1)
- books from the library’s archive

© IfS / Bastian Arnholdt

Archive Holdings

Books and journals stored in the archive are worthy of protection due to their age (year of publication before 1900), condition (paper quality) and/or value (binding, illustrations, etc.). They may only be consulted within the premises of the library. Permission to make copies is granted by the library staff on a case-by-case basis depending on the condition of the volume.

Interlibrary Loan

Books and articles that are not available in Münster can be ordered from other libraries via interlibrary loan. This is a service of the University and State Library, therefore a valid ULB user card is required.