Place for Learning and Working

The library of Sport and Exercise Sciences with all its various services is available for students and the academic staff of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Certainly, the library is also available for external users in a restricted offer.

WiFi & Laptop Workplaces

In the entire area of the library you have access to the WiFi network of the University of Münster as well as the possibility to connect your personal laptop to the power network.


Jackets, bags and backpacks - with exception of laptop bags - are not allowed to be taken along into the library. Therefore, we provide multiple lockers to store your bags and personal belongings, which can be used for the duration of your stay in the library. We further offer handily baskets to transport your learning materials in the library. The locker system functions with 2,-Euro coins in a deposit system. 

Copying, Scanning, Printing

At 2 photocopiers you have the possibility to copy. The billing is made using your MensaCard of the student union ("Studierendenwerk") of the University of Münster. 

Students and members of the University (with a valid IT-identification) may use the service Scan2Mail at the copiers, meaning you can use the copier as a scanner instead, which is free of charge. An instruction can also be found directly at the device. Furthermore, the photocopiers enable the direct scanning process to a USB-stick and SD card.

Additionally, the copiers can be controlled from all PCs in the library as printers. Here as well the billing happens via the student card.

PC, Group, and Single Workstations - Group and Silent Workroom 

On more than 400 square meters the library offers a variety of options for working and learning. There are rooms suitable for group work, with 8 PC-workstations in total, in order to prepare a group presentation, to have a meeting or a discussion. All the PC-workstations have Internet access and provide the ordinary MS Office programmes as well as multimedia applications.

At the rear end of the library there are 14 single work stations for working and learning in silence.

Overview of Rooms and Shelves

 Regal-Übersicht (overview of the shelves; only available in German)// Classification

The entire media stock of the library spreads over the group and silent working areas. Due to the systematic installation, researching at the shelf according to subject areas is possible. The system offers an overview of the various collection areas of the library of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Special Stocks: Journal and Archive Stock, Examination Literature 

The library has several special stocks, which cannot be provided for the loan. 

This i.a. includes the whole journal stock. Neither the bound year volumes in the journal rooms are loaned, nor the current journals that can be accessed at the info-table. However, there is certainly the option to make copies and scans of the documents in the library. 

Older literature or media that for some other reason is worth protecting, are located in our archive and are not provided for the loan as well. Upon request at the info-table though, they can be accessed. We ask for your understanding, that scanning and copying is not possible in particular cases, to save the media from damage. Of course you can work with the media in the library upon consultation of the usage possibilities.

The basic and examination literature relevant in Sport and Exercise Sciences is always presented in a single copy of the current used status in a responsible shelf. These copies are not for the loan, to ensure that during the opening hours of the library one copy is availabe for working in the library. Further copies of the basic and examination literature titles are also available in multiple form in the stock on loan.