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Aims of the partners

The University of Münster has the aim to support top-level athletes to combine academic studies and sports and to improve the framework conditions.

With the cooperation of top-level athletes and the Universities with its institutions and facilities, following aims are pursued:

  • sustainable supporting accompaniment during the choice and the transition to the working world
  • Alignment of practices, courses and championships
  • Prevention of disadvantages because of top-level sports dedication
  • Improvement of general conditions for athletes
  • Combined support from different institutions and organizations of the University
  • Appreciation and appraisal for double workload for studying squad-athletes
  • Social security and better job perspectives for the time after the active period
  • Promoting the significance of students for the German top-level sports.
  • Gaining interest and attention from political decision-makers
  • Securing or increasing the rate of top athletes among university students
  • Perception of the sociopolitical commitment for athletic ambassadors