Head of the University sports in Münster

Top-level sports at the WWU is not fashion trend but a tradition. In the 18th century we offered already championships and competitions in riding and fencing, later also in gymnastics. In 1929, the German university championships took place in Münster for the first time. Since then, athletes from the University of Münster take part in different student competitions in Germany and abroad.

Excellent athletes were students of the WWU Münster and wore our jersey at student competitions. Some examples are Dr. Franz-Josef Kemper, participant of the Olympic Games (1968/1972) and record holder of Europe in 1966 (800m race); Judith Flemig (Pelzer), participant of the Olympic games in 2000 and volleyball-player of the year 1999; or Marcel Goelden, who was student champion in shooting sports twice and gold-medal winner of the Universiade 2007.

Much more than 100 German and International German student championships, international student competitions in volleyball, basketball and soccer and student worldcups in handball and Judo have been prepared, planned and performed for the last eighty years in Münster. Every other year, the University sports of Münster organizes the preparation for the Universiade, a Basketball-Nation-cup with participants of national teams from all over the world.

This is why the WWU Münster was the first university of North Rhine-Westphalia who joined the project  “partner University of top-level sports” from the adh in February 2002.
It is necessary to acknowledge that squad-athletes have a double burden and the society and politics need to see the commitment of those athletic ambassadors of Germany. Naturally, the agreement wants to put an emphasis on the fact that the WWU supports top-level sports in every aspect.
In the past decades, many positive aspects have changed and helped top-level athletes. The competitive sports of the WWU can be honoured while regarding the national comparison: In the ranking of the adh in 2012, the University sports is third of 176 Universites.
In order to publicize the possibilities at the WWU Münster for top-level athletes, this website has been created. The University sports of Münster supports this initiative and would like to help future or current squad athletes to manage the double burden sports and studies.

Joerg Verhoeven
Head of the University sports

Joerg Verhoeven
Joerg Verhoeven