Commissioner for top-level sports at the University of Münster

Dear Sir and Madam,

Top-level sports is one of the key elements of University support which emphasises the ambitious aims of the University of Münster to be an excellent and outstanding international University. We are proud that we were the first University of North Rhine-Westphalia which participated in the project “partner university of top-level sports”. We help top-level athletes to create a home here in Münster and facilitate a dual career consisting of studies and sports. The University of Münster wants to actively support studying top-level athletes to finish studies successfully while participating in sports. The representative for top-level sports is a key person who supports the top-athletes as a mentor and cooperates with the University sports to help students uphold top performance in sports and studies. Another important aspect of the job as a representative for top-level sports is the creation and extension of cooperation with partners, the city and sports clubs. The University is able to have a key role in the area of top-level sports and wants to help top-level athletes, the city and the University itself.

Studies and top-level sports should not only exist next to each other, but should complement each other. The studying top-athletes are in the focus of effort and this is why we work together to create help, possibilities for advice and orientation on different levels. Engagement is extremely important to us. Principals, faculties, central administration, University sports and representative of top-level sports cooperate closely.

Prof.Dr. Bernd Strauß
Commissioner of top-level sports of the University of Münster
Prodean of the Faculty psychology and sports sciences