Cell moving to an inflammatory stimulus. Cytoskeletal proteins polarize during migration (actin red, tubulin green, nucleus blue)
Cell moving to an inflammatory stimulus. Cytoskeletal proteins polarize during migration (actin red, tubulin green, nucleus blue)
© Marc Wolf, Johannes Roth, Uni Münster

Target-orientated immunomodulation of specific leucocyte populations by immune functional nanoparticles

The treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, autoimmune diseases or inflammatory bowel diseases, is still challenging due to serious side effects. It is becoming increasingly clear, that specific subpopulations of leucocytes play a significant role for diverse functions in the beginning but also in the termination of inflammatory reactions. Developing new immunosuppressive pharmaceuticals usually takes decades. Alternatively, a precise addressability of defined leucocyte populations via specific molecular target structures even applying common drugs would allow a more effective treatment with less side effects. Our working group provides a high expertise to identify clinically relevant target structures on defined leucocyte populations.

In cooperation with research partners at the SoN and using different nanoparticle based technologies, new methods are established, allowing a selective application of substances for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes in molecular defined leukocytes. In this context, our expertise can be utilized to verify the biocompatibility of newly developed, bioactive nanoparticles in leucocytes in vitro, and the efficiency of numerous, clinically relevant inflammatory animal models in vivo.

Illustration reference: Wolf, Johannes Roth

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