Lecture Series "Law, Literature and the Market"

The lecture series "Law, Literature and the Market" illustrates the interplay of law, economy, and literature in the book market. This lecture series is organised by the subproject A02 "Literature and the Market" of the CRC 1385.

It is a widespread assumption that the market and literature are polar opposites and cannot be reconciled. Literature is often seen as something abstract, and culturally 'valuable', operating far from the logics of law and the market. In fact, the book market only functions with legal and economic framework conditions, which in turn also shape literature itself. Literature is a good that is produced, marketed, traded, and regulated in the market, and yet the special status of literature remains a central issue, as can be seen in the book price fixing in Germany and other countries (e.g. the Net Book Agreement in the UK, which has already been repealed).

Renowned guest lecturers from all over the world deal with these contexts from their respective research perspectives and offer exciting insights into the manifold aspects of literature's overlaps with both law and the market. In subsequent discussions, the topics will be explored in greater depth and open questions clarified.

Date Event
06.07.2020 Guest lecture by Caroline Koegler (Muenster University) in the lecture "The Global Anglophone Book History" by Corinna Norrick-Rühl
04.09.2020 Guest lecture by Carl White (University of Leeds): "Neoliberal Financialization and the Twenty-First-Century US Novel"
08.10.2020 Guest lecture by Anamik Saha (University of London): "Rethinking 'Diversity' in Publishing – the Research, Report, and Reactions in the UK"
29.10.2020 Round table Materiality
Panel 1: Literature between creativity, economics and law
Speakers: Rainer Dresen, Kerstin Gleba, Heinke Hager, Heinrich Riethmüller
25.-27.11.2020 Block seminar "Market, Literature and Law"
26.01.2021 Guest lecture by Sarah Pyke (University of London): "'Gay Books Will Burn': Operation Tiger, Gay's the Word bookshop and literary censorship in 1980s Britain"
16.04.2021 Guest lecture by Joanna Rostek (University of Munich): "Capitalism as Panopticon in British CrunchLit Fiction"
27.04.2021 Guest lecture by Jenni Ramone (Nottingham Trent University): "Postcolonial Literatures in the Local Literary Marketplace"
11.05.2021 Guest lecture by Ben Fried (Cornell University): "The Penguin Empire: Publishing, Editing, and Reading the Global Anglophone"
21.05.2021 Guest lecture by Stefanie Müller (Goethe-University Frankfurt): "The Corporation in the Marketplace of Ideas: The US Supreme Court, Corporate Rights, and Contemporary Lyrical Interventions"
26.-30.07.2021 SHARP 2021 “Moving Texts: From Discovery to Delivery”