Research Cluster A – Materiality

Research cluster A (materiality) focused on law in literature and literature in law. It posed and answered questions about the conditions, forms and results of processes, which render literature subject of the law and law the subject of literature. This research objective therefore included a variety of problems that are fundamental for the relationship between law and literature. The two main questions can be summarized as follows: How is the selection of materials sustained or regulated? What transformations follow from this mutual subjectification?

Subproject Project Title Head of the Project
A01 Who Owns a Text? – Law and Literature in Disagreement on Censorship Prof. Dr. Wittreck, Prof. Dr. Achermann
A02 Literature and the Market Prof. Dr. Pohlmann, PD Dr. Kögler, Prof. Dr. Norrick-Rühl, Prof. Dr. Sieg
A03 The Law of Experiential Psychology. Pitaval as Literature of Social Milieu and the Law Court between 1750 and 1850 Prof. Dr. Achermann, Prof. Dr. Oestmann
A04 An Anthropology of Crime. On the Discursive Interferences between Poetics, Morals, Law and Medicine in German Crimes Stories of the 19th Century Prof. Dr. Blödorn, Dr. Kanz