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The CRC works at a comprehensive German/English encyclopedia "Law and Literature / Recht und Literatur". This dynamically growing online-encyclopedia shall contribute to the ongoing disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in the field and will provide the first specific reference work for law and literature, allowing new insight for particular questions in the respective disciplines as well as concerning their mutual relations. All entries aim at discussing crucial aspects of the field "Law and Literature" from both historical and systematic perspectives. At the same time, the encyclopedia will include a growing number of entries on scholarly and historical personalities, who have proved influential for both disciplines and the common interdisciplinary field.

In a rapidly growing number of entries, the encyclopedia presents results of the ongoing research through open access and citable sources. Thereby, it furthers interdisciplinary cooperation within the CRC and enables an ongoing discussion about fundamental categories and concepts that can lead to new perspectives for both fields. At the same time, the encyclopedia helps to connect the CRC with international researchers working on related topics and invites their criticisms and revisions to prove up-to-date.

The encyclopaedia will be provided by the CRC as a bilingual reference work according to the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities in both English and German through an open-access online publication with citeable DOI. The CRC plans a print publication of the encyclopedia towards the end of the funding period.

Authors are kindly asked to use the Stylesheet.

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Here is the encyclopedia (since October 2022).


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