Julia Arnkens, M.A.

Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics"
Julia Arnkens, M.A.

Johannisstr. 1, Room 010
48143 Münster
T: +49 251 83-23482

  • Research Areas

    • Numismatik
    • Selbstdarstellung antiker Herrscher (bes. Herrschertod und Legitimation der Nachfolge)
    • Religious history of the Near East
    • The Parthian Empire
  • Doctoral Thesis

    The Religious Landscape of Upper Mesopotamia (2nd cent. BCE — 3rd cent. CE)


    From the second century BCE until the third century CE, Upper Mesopotamia was the scene of military and political confrontation, economic interaction and cultural exchange between the eastwards expanding Roman Empire and the Parthian/Arsacid Empire as it expanded towards the west. These circumstances provide an interesting backdrop for a study of local cults and the development of religious beliefs in a culturally diverse region. Archaeological remains, coinage, inscriptions and literary descriptions offer glimpses into the religious life of the area during this period.

    In the course of my research, I am compiling the archaeological, numismatic, epigraphic and literary evidence of cultic activities from both cities and rural areas in Upper Mesopotamia in order to analyse the attested cults in their archaeological and historical context. The aim of this analysis is to provide an overview of cult places, worshipped deities, religious structures and prevailing beliefs where possible. Such an overview opens up the possibility to trace influences, regional differences and shared characteristics within the area under investigation and thereby outline the character of the religious landscape of Upper Mesopotamia.

  • CV


    Scholarship from the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation”, WWU Münster
    M.A. „Die Kultlandschaft Antiocheias am Orontes und der Antiochene in römischer Zeit ‒ Pagane Kulte in Stadt und Umland“
    M.A. Classics - European Master of Classical Cultures (EMCC), Double Diploma University of Münster and Université Toulouse II – Jean Jaurès
    B.A. "Der rogus als Monument kaiserlicher Inszenierung"
    B.A. Classics, WWU Münster


    Work on the project “Votive Practice in the Sanctuary on Dülük Baba Tepesi near Doliche (Southern Turkey)” (Gerda Henkel Foundation); Research Centre Asia Minor
    Student Assistant at the Department of Classical and Early Christian Archaeology, WWU Münster (editorial staff; „Boreas – Münstersche Beiträge zur Archäologie“)
    Student Assistant at the Department of Classical and Early Christian Archaeology, WWU Münster