Equal opportunities and Diversity

The Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” aims for the equal treatment of people irrespective of their gender, age, origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, illness or disability. The research topic “Religion and Politics” requires and promotes special sensitivity for cultural diversity and different religious and philosophical imprints. The Cluster of Excellence’s Diversity Management serves to create a scientific environment that recognises the social diversity and heterogeneity of researchers and promotes their different potentials and skills.

In order to counteract all forms of open and hidden as well as conscious and unconscious discrimination, the Cluster of Excellence has installed the function of an Equal Opportunity Officer: The scholar of literature Prof. Dr. Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf (martina.wagner@uni-muenster.de) has been elected Equal Opportunities Officer. She is the contact for all personal questions and suggestions on the development of equal opportunities at the Cluster of Excellence.

A flexible mentoring programme and workshops for different target groups aim for the equal treatment of the research association's members and are to contribute to reducing discrimination in professional life and in society. Measures will be targeted according to the desires and needs of the members of the Cluster of Excellence.

The University of Münster’s personnel development concept supports the Cluster of Excellence in Diversity Management by seeking to optimise the framework conditions for academic career opportunities. The University takes the cross-cutting issues of equality, work-life balance, health management and internationalisation, from a comprehensive perspective, into account.

In addition, socially speaking, the research topic “Religion and Politics” can also contribute to improving equal opportunities by raising the sensitivity for cultural diversity as well as different religious and philosophical imprints. By transferring research findings on the integration of religious diversity and on the connection between religion, politics and gender order the research association has its share in current social debates.