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Campus of Religions

The University of Münster will establish an internationally unique “Campus of Religions”. From 2023, it will bring together Protestant, Catholic, Christian Orthodox and Islamic theology as well as University institutions of non-denominational studies of religion such as the Center for Religion and Modernity, promoting interdisciplinary academic exchange. As a location, the campus in the city of the Peace of Westphalia lends itself to being a neutral platform for mutual understanding in the conflict-laden field of “religion and politics”. It is to become a venue for exchange between leading national and international representatives from academic, political, religious and ideological communities and non-governmental organisations, the media, culture and the arts.

The Campus of Religions will bring together diverse institutions for the research into religion – which have so far been scattered throughout the city of Münster – under one roof in a large, centrally located building complex with a total of around 4,000 students. The University will contribute around €23 million to the double-figure million euro construction project. The new building will house employment for more than 430 researchers and staff. 560,000 books of all faiths will be accessible together in a common library. By bringing together old and new institutional structures, the University of Münster will not only strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation, but also promote interreligious dialogue, thereby becoming a symbol of religious diversity and equal rights.