EXC 2060 C3-12 - "Dynamics of Intercultural Traditioning": Criticism of Religion and Apologetics in Shifting Interreligious Contexts: Jerome Xavier's Ayena-ye haqq-nama in Mughal India and Safavid Persia

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DFG - Cluster of Excellence
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EXC 2060/1
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    The purpose of this project is to study Jerónimo Javier's theological opus magnum, the Āʾīna-yi ḥaqq-namā (literally The Truth-Revealing Mirror), based on 6 Persian manuscripts, beside a Spanish version (Fuente de vida) and its controversial reception in the seventeenth century. This work not only marks an exceptional moment in the relations of an Islamic ruler with the members of a Catholic order, but also in a boarder sense, its influence and impact among the Shi'a clerics (especially Sayyid Aḥmad ʿAlavī) and Rome (Congregatio de Propaganda Fide) is remarkable. This paper endeavors to explore this work; indicating that it is not only as part of a theological discourse, but also as a form of social practice that carried with it real consequences for interreligious relations.
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