Coordinated project group Sociology of religion

The coordinated project group (previously: study group) Sociology of religion provides those who work in the sociology of religion at the Cluster of Excellence a forum for expert discussions and intellectual exchange. On the one hand, projects on which the project group’s members are working are presented and critically discussed. On the other hand, the project group is about familiarising oneself both with the classics of and the present debates in the sociology of religion by means of reading texts, and about availing oneself of the discussion in the group in order to deepen religious sociological knowledge and to clarify one’s own position. The coordinated project group deals with theoretical concepts and empirical research questions alike, it is open to both quantitative and qualitative methods, and it aims at building bridges to other disciplines from the social sciences and the humanities. It is particularly interested in breaking up sociology’s orientation towards the present and in including in its work historical questions.