New research projects expand the Cluster of Excellence’s spectrum of themes

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The Cluster of Excellence has expanded its research programme with seven new projects from the disciplines of history, Slavic studies, Protestant theology, Coptic studies, and Arabic studies. The new projects range from religion in the ancient Mediterranean to secularism in France in the 20th century. The seven University of Münster professors took part in an ideas contest organized by the Cluster of Excellence to establish new research projects on “Religion and Politics”.

The individual projects and researchers

New postdoc projects

Three postdocs will also begin new research projects at the Cluster of Excellence in the spring of 2022:

  • Dr. Roii Ball: Transregional Farming Families, Religious Revivalism, and Agrarian Colonization in Germany’s Imperial Frontiers, 1860s-1920s
  • Dr. Jelena Radovanović: Law in Religious Spaces: Ottoman Religious Endowments (waqf) in Post-Ottoman Southeast Europe
  • Dr. Nandagopal R. Menon: Polemics, Apologetics and Conversion: A Diachronic Study of Religious Change