December 2010

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“Religion and Politics in Antiquity”

In every culture, the relationship between religion and politics has been rather complex over time. Young PhD-students from Germany and the Netherlands present their research projects.

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The Kushite cemetery of Sanam

The antique Kushite cemetery of Sanam is the main focus of the publication “The Kushite Cemetery of Sanam. A Non-Royal Burial Ground of the Nubian Capital” by Egyptologist Prof. Dr. Angelika Lohwasser from the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics”.

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The Visual Aspects of Symbolic Acts

In the pre-modern period, symbolic acts always had a very powerful visual presence. Contemporaries considered parades, coronations, processions and consecrations to be ‘spectacula’.

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“Germans are much less tolerant of Muslims”

The Germans are much less tolerant of Muslims and other non-Christian religions than their Western European neighbours. This is the essential result of one of the largest representative surveys to date on religious plurality in Europe.