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Interaction of Religious Legal Systems

On the basis of the canon law of the Eastern National Churches, Fabian Wittreck demonstrates that religious rights can learn from each other, and how.

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Carolingians and Abbasids of Bagdad

Wolfram Drews provides an analysis of the historical and political circumstances of two political rule changes.

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Christianity between Tolerance and Violence

In his book “Toleranz und Gewalt” Arnold Angenendt takes up the controversies of recent historical accusations against Christianity.

Prof Dr Gerd Althoff Kfsg

Cluster of excellence has new board

Prof. Dr. Gerd Althoff (66), medievalist historian of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU), was re-appointed speaker of the cluster of excellence “Religion and Politics”.

Buch Transformation By Integration Kfsg

Transformation by Integration

A growing number of people experience their own spiritual lives as being inspired by more than one religious tradition. Multi-religious identity formation and double-belonging are obvious signs of a process of transformation as a result inter-faith encounter.

News Ringvorlesung Kfsg

Rituals of Investiture

Rituals of investiture will be in the focus of the next lecture series of the cluster of excellence. In thirteen lectures, the academics will illuminate how people from the Middle Ages until today were inaugurated and what stagings these inaugurations complied with.

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Islam and Modernity

Swiss Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan spoke as a guest at the cluster of excellence’s lecture cycle.

David Levene

Guest Lecture: Prof. David Levene

David Levene, Professor of Classics at the New York University, visits Münster this month. He helds a guest lecture on Monday, 29 June, and invites to a discussion on Friday, 26 June.

Conference Spirit Kfsg

Conference: The Spirit and the Flesh

Understanding the political requires taking spiritual and religious influences into account. Likewise, religious beliefs can have strong political significance. By perceiving race, gender, and sexuality as politically powerful categories, and by employing them as analytical tools, this international conference seeks to explore the interdependencies of the spiritual and the secular – of the spirit and the flesh.