Support for victims of harassment and violence

The University of Münster takes a very clear stance with regard to the “Agreement on Respectful and Cooperative Behaviour” covering all University members. It vehemently opposes misconduct such as sexual harassment, racial or religious discrimination, bullying and stalking, and considers such misconduct to be a violation of personal rights. Our aim is to ensure a humane and respectful environment.

Should such misconduct occur, our message is: Don’t look away! Take up the issue!

We have identified persons in the Cluster of Excellence to whom you can turn at any time should you experience sexualised discrimination and violence, or racial or religion-related debasement or any other form of oppressive behaviour. There are also other identified persons whom you can contact at the University of Münster, such as the Equal Opportunities Officers in individual departments.

If you are reluctant to involve colleagues, or would like to clarify your position in relation to an incident first, then seek advice from a counselling service in Münster, e.g. the University of Münster’s counselling service for staff and management, whose staff are also trained to provide counselling with regard to sexualised violence in the workplace.

All members of the University of Münster are also free to contact the University’s Complaints Office directly, which is empowered to initiate proceedings under employment law. You are free to decide whether you wish to discuss such a step with one of the identified contact persons in the Cluster of Excellence first.

Contact persons in the Cluster of Excellence:

Daniela Amodio

Wolfram Drews

Judith Grubel

Kirsten Kamphuis

Katrin Kogman-Appel

All concerns raised will be treated in strict confidence. Individuals are welcome to begin by raising issues informally if they wish. No-one raising such concerns will suffer any personal or professional disadvantages as a result.

For further information, please refer to the agreement “Agreement on Respectful and Cooperative Behaviour” and the website of the University’s Equal Opportunity Office.