New Release: Lebensführung im Spannungsfeld von Islam und Beruf (04/2021)

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The dissertation "Lebensführung im Spannungsfeld von Islam und Beruf. Berufsbiografien von Musliminnen in Frankreich und Deutschland" by Dr Linda Hennig, a member of the project "The Transmission of Religion Across Generations", has been published. The study analyses conflicts of compatibility between Muslim religiosity and women's careers. It discusses the effect of religious beliefs on the motivation to work, the role of discrimination, the context of a society that is critical of Islam and the effects of legal regulations regarding religious practice in the workplace in Germany and France. Based on a cross-national analysis of the professional biographies of Muslim women working in the social and medical sectors, the study presents a typology of lifestyles in the context of religion and employment. Individual cases are used to reconstruct how crises relating to religion and gainful employment arise in the course of biographies and how compatibility is achieved through a fusion, separation or flexible demarcation between the spheres of religion and work.