Research, support, and guidance related to the Corona Pandemic by the WWU-department of Psychology

Current (international) contributions related to the Corona Panemic can be found below

Running reserach

The list provides an overview on the current running international studies and activities. Feel free to participate!

Work & Economics

  • Interviewstudy on drastic changes of the work process due to the Corona Pandemic
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    Lea Müller, Guido Hertel, Christoph Nohe, Meinald Thielsch

  • Review on the challenges and opportunities of the Corona Pandemic for Economic Psychology:
    Rudolph, C. W., Allan, B., Clark, M., Hertel, G., Hirschi, A., Kunze, F., Shockley, K., Shoss, M., Sonnentag, S., & Zacher, H. (accepted). Pandemics: Implications for Research and Practice in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.
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    Guido Hertel

Education, family & society

  • Online-survey "How do families experience the Corona Crisis?“
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    Nils Schuhmacher
  • Online-survey: "The Pandemic Project: The study of people during COVID-19"
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    Katharina Salo, Lisanne Pauw & Anne Milek
  • Call for Papers! Special Issue: "Stay safe and stay at home! Research on language and communication related to Corona"
    Regina Jucks, Friederike Hendriks
  • Studie zu COVID-19-spezifischen Verschwörungserzählungen als Kooperationsprojekt (Münster - -Mainz - London)
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    Jens Hellman

Data analysis

  • Estimating the undetected infections in the Covid-19 outbreak by harnessing capture-recapture methods
    // Preprint
    Heinz Holling

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