In-service and further education activities

Main Topics

Based on our research training programs for target groups outside the university are developed. One of our two main topics is the development of training programs for experts who have to interact with laypersons in their professional domain. The other focal point is concerned with issues of learning with the new media and the safe use of the internet.

The development and the realization of such training courses

is part of the Educational Psychology Program for advanced students of psychology. Over the past few years there have been several seminars about expert-layperson communication, in the course of which teams of students have designed and evaluated training programs in close coordination with various kinds of institution outside of our university.

Flexibility by means of modular training concepts.

We match our offers of in-service training to the needs of our clients. Our wide range of courses includes lectures and seminars lasting several days and involving intensive activity for participants. This flexibility is achieved through the modular character of our training concepts.

Under the following links you will find (in German) detailed descriptions of some examples of trainings which have been organized, and the names of the respective contact persons. If you are interested in working with us in an in-service training or within further education contexts you can contact us at any time, either by telephone or e-mail.

Violence on the Internet: A training offerd to 5./6. grade students (only German)

Conflict management in the school: the case of parent-teacher-cooperation

Expert-Layperson-Communication in the Pharmacy (only German)

Expert-Layperson-Communication in Architecture (only German)

Interdisciplinary Thinking and Interdisciplinary Communication (only German)

Implementation of New Media in Schools (only German)