The Graduation School Empirical and Applied Linguistics does not offer any scholarships on its own. However, as a student of the University of Münster, the research funding support safir gladly provides individual advice and various information events in order to help you to find a suitable scholarship.

In addition to 13 foundations funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, there is also a large number of independent foundations that support specific disciplines or fields of study. To find a scholarship that meets your competences and needs, you can use websites such as stipendiumplus or the funding search service RESEARCHconnect (Login via student ID of the University of Münster).

The University of Münster does not charge tuition fees, only a semester fee of approximately 350 euros must be paid per semester. In addition, you must provide for your own living expenses, including housing.

  • Additional information for international students

    There are some scholarships that are specifically for international students. These include:

    • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD [en]),
    • The Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD [en]),
    • The Otto-Benecke-Foundation (OBS [en]).

    Foreign students who are accepted into our doctoral program may begin their studies at a later date after consultation if they apply for a scholarship.